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strategy at work

Founded in 2015, today Z3 is a Global Education Management and Strategy Consulting Organization with head office in Noida, India and branch offices in Hyderabad, India, Kathmandu, Nepal, Dhaka, Bangladesh and Colombo, Sri Lanka. Our solutions ranges from Market Exploration to Market Entry to Market Expansion and help Institutions fully realize the benefits of an Improved International Business Development, Market Research & Deep Opportunity Analysis.

Z3 Architecture

We pride ourselves on being the “go-to-market” on most business engagements and view business and growth strategies through a set of unique lenses. Z3 has evolved through research, organic growth, and strategic investments in People, Processes, Systems (Innovation and Technology).


Our team of Growth Guys comprises professional academic leaders, consultants, trainers, strategists and ex-faculty members. Our Growth Guys serve institutions with serious value propositions at a fraction of cost they would have spent otherwise


We are committed to recruiting quality students for our partner institutions. We have defined strong processes and operational guidelines to make sure we deliver a value proposition for our partner institutions


From recruitment partner profiling to their on-boarding, training, hiring the right experienced staff to represent the institution, designing a marketing plan, students counselling and admissions, quality checks etc, we have a stage-by-stage operational plan designed to recruit quality students and meet ROIs

It's The Execution Difference
good people grow business

A team of passionate leaders – They don't pull any punches but deliver straight forward advice one can't afford to ignore. I am always amazed at our people's ability to see business opportunities that increase our client's bottom line without fail. We are all students and teachers of great business strategies and our ability to leverage and pinpoint opportunities has helped our partner Institutions see Growth in Realtime.

Prasenjeet Mukherjee (Tiger)
Director I CEO

Z3 Credo
the blood line

At Z3, we inspire confidence and empower change in all we do. We challenge ourselves to bring our absolute best every single day. We set ourselves apart through our passion and pride, our expertise and our curiosity, our inclusive culture and our focus on developing the leaders of tomorrow.

It's not just what we do at Z3 that matters: we also pay attention to how we do it. Our Values are our core beliefs and foundation of our unique culture, guiding and unifying our actions and behaviours.

Integrity: We do what is right.

Excellence: We never stop learning and improving.

Courage: We think and act boldly.

Together: We respect each other and draw strength from our differences.

For Better: We do what matters.

Action in Z3 Strategy
bridging students and institutions

We are in business for powerplay. We play a very vital role in enabling students choose the right institution and institutions recruit the right student. A lot of effort goes in the matchmaking. Through our extensive reach using data, people, process and technology, we connect the duo.

Managed Services to Institutions

Market intel – strategic inputs for a market re how, when, where and why
Local Representation – dedicated office and staff for marketing, admissions and recruitment
Agent Handling – profiling, training and on-boarding agent to create a ready-pool of applications
Quality Outlook – a dedicated team to make sure all applications and documents are vetted before lodgement
Marketing and Branding – designing powerful branding tactics to create maximum impact in different markets

Individualised services to Students

Psychometric Tests – career guidance and orientations
Selections – university-course-country – basis academic background, English levels, financial background etc.
Document Guidance – requirement of documents for admissions, SOP guidance etc
Visa Guidance – visa lodgement and policies, documentations etc
Scholarship Guidance – most available scholarships
Pre & post departure Guidance – air tickets, accommodation, compliance, COVID etc