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Global CrossRoads
TNE and institutional collaborations

The demand for higher education in India continues to outgrow the current traditional capacity, so new methods of delivery, assessment and recognition are going to bean essential element of the future landscape. India has the largest university age cohort in the world, and when combined with India’s economy – growing at an average of 8% over the last decade, will result in an urgent demand for innovation in education and training delivery – including Transnational Education (TNE) delivery. In response to the growing demand from the education community, we are addressing technological support for transnational education, providing cost-effective, appropriate and reliable solutions and services overseas

The range and number of TNE activities, such as remote campuses and joint degree programmes, along with Joint Research, Faculty/ Student exchanges/ training, semester abroad etc continue to grow rapidly to address international customer demand for overseas education. This is most visible within higher education, but there is also activity within further education and schools. TNE is distinct from both international student recruitment and international research collaboration, however mobility needs to be multidirectional, and the boundaries between incoming and outgoing mobility and TNE are blurring.

At Z3, we believe that universities and colleges who are willing to innovate and adapt to today's changing student needs will be able to create strong and sustainable international student recruitment demand. Z3’s Global CrossRoads provides international universities and colleges a portfolio of TNE and other collaboration solutions while removing the barriers institutions face in finding, establishing and maintaining successful cross border relationships.

Introducing Z3 Global
crossRoads Solutions

India presents an opportunity for transnational (TNE) partnerships for overseas universities given the projected demand for higher education in India. Enrolments have risen steadily over the last 5 years on TNE programmes to approximately 22,000 students and those articulatinginto the UK, Canada and Australia on TNE programmes contribute up to a fifth of all Indian undergraduate students. Private universities in metro cities are most likely to partner on TNE programmes and these partnerships are a useful mechanism for universities to extend their networks and brand recognition in India. This ethos informs all the services we offer our partners interested in pursuing TNE.

Ten steps towards a TNE partnership
  • Initiating activity – market scanning
  • Initial planning -  due diligence, business and financial plan
  • Assuring compliance - Indian and country specific regulatory compliance
  • Deciding delivery Modes – Hybrid, online, direct
  • Business and financial plan
  • Contracting
  • Staff development –training and support
  • Programme delivery – student support, admissions, assessments and marketing
  • Programme closure and teach-out -
  • Longer-term follow-up

The University Grants Commission (UGC) and All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) changes to TNE requirements are supportive and allow foreign degrees to be delivered through TNE partnership arrangements.

Why Z3 to achieve your TNE goals?
We at Z3 believe in providing a reliable, rigorous and fast tracked approach to TNE partnership development reflecting your institution’s strategic objectives and delivering sustainable outcomes.

Traditional TNE processes can be time consuming and resource intensive. It is difficult to identify a suitable match and conducting effective due diligence from a distance can be a challenge. This is where Z3 will make a difference. We offer a wide portfolio of services to help you at all stages of your TNE journey - from finding you the right partner, supporting demand generation, developing or enhancing your existing strategies to assessing what might be right for your future.

Our TNE solutions accelerates the partner search process and our unrivalled knowledge and expertise from a team of sector practitioners delivers real insight, operational effectiveness and rigorous risk management.

Operating TNE models across borders is compliance heavy and institutions need a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape to avoid pitfalls. Z3 has in-house Higher Education tax and compliance experts to enable effective revenue and risk management.

This is what differentiates us from others - our ability to support the entire TNE lifecycle.

TNE Matchmaker

We believe anything is possible with the right partner. And by using TNE Matchmaker, our cutting-edge TNE data mining tool, you can get a quick and easy indication of just who your potential partners might be - on the spot.


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Through an AI-powered algorithm, our TNE matchmaker scan through a range of institutions to find the best fit partner for you and develops a high compatibility list of potential institutional partners.

Z3's Global Gateway solutions simplify your next steps by reaching out to prospective partners, assess their capabilties and build out sustainable partnerships.

Onboarding and Delivery
  • Brief teams to deliver on the targets set
  • Conduct regular internal training to familiarize and update stakeholders on the changing university facets
  • Qualitative analysis of student
  • Brand representation
  • Turnover time taken
  • Overall services provided

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