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The In-School Network
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Ensuring a Successful Overseas Transition by Creating a Robust On-Campus Counselling and Guidance Cell for Students

With the increasing population in India, we presently have 29.5 million students enrolling in Indian higher education and a whopping 360,000 applying for overseas education at top destinations and this number is increasing by 12% - 17% every year.

Our research says that 90% of students who wish to study abroad do not know the right method to apply to a university, file visa and get trained on interview skills or English language requirements. Therefore, to make sure they are able to transit, they touch base with 3rd part agents who may not professional or skilled to guide students.

To bridge this gap and to make sure students, parents and universities are able to have a peace of mind, we started The In-School Network. The Network started with a research to find solutions to support students, parents ad partner universities in the most efficient and effective manner. The In-School Network office in based in Noida and Hyderabad in India and we bring in 15 years of understanding and experience into guiding students for a successful transition.

The Need
market statistics

of Schools want Career Counselling Programs


of schools don't know how to put together a comprehensive career counselling and guidance program together


parents want Career Guidance from schools

The Solution
researched & crafted?

The Network Today
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HE Counselling
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Every trip goes more smoothly when you use a road map – whether it is over your GPS, your smart phone, or the old-fashioned paper kind that you fold out to trace your route. The path through high school is no different. Every student faces A Question – ‘WHAT NEXT’ after High School and Graduation. Firstly, to decide a stream, and then, to decide a CAREER!

Students want to enjoy the journey, learn things along the way, and get to the destination. Rather, the young mind is faced with the choice of three streams - Humanities, Science or Commerce, and the only career guidance he has is the opinion of his parents, his teacher’s judgement based on his marks and the comments of his friends and neighbours.

Whether a student is a rising high school freshman or is heading into graduation year, there are steps to take to help make the transition to college easier and career prepared and more successful for everyone involved. To better answer students and rightly guide them to their study destinations, programmes and career, we have launched our proprietary Career Counselling, Training and Advising Program called as TRACC – Transitional Road to Attending College and Career.

TRACC – The Ideology
get from where you are to where you want to be

TRACC for School and College students was created with a vision to assist schools and universities in their ongoing efforts to improve educational quality by guiding the right career path to students. One of the best ways to accomplish this was to empower schools and universities with innovative educational programmes and pedagogical tools that would help catapult students into professionals. TRACC brings a breadth and depth of higher education and career experiences to recommend the Best Practices in Career Counselling and Guidance.

We understood that when it comes to overseas education, students need extra support and guidance.

TRACC Concept
change at the grassroot level

TRACC will allow ample time to a student and parent to take necessary steps for a seamless transition being fully informed of stakes involved. TRACC helps us assuring our partners in getting genuine and motivated students who have the right intention to study at the university, knows the rules and regulations of the country and university and system, pay regular fees and write all exams. TRACC begins from Grad X – XII in high-schools and 2nd year in colleges.

TRACC Impact
creating milestones

Students Touched


Students Counselled


Student Applications Processed


Students Enrolled


Mn Revenue to Partner Universities

TRACC Output
making the transition more seamless, inclusive and meaningful for all stakeholders

Choose with open Mind

Know All Options

Realize Fullest Potentials

Transition Preparation


Catch them young

Train and Counsel

End-to-End solution

Frequent talks


Peace of mind

Safe hands

Prepare for funds

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